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‘Bud Sex’ Is What Some Straight Guys Call Having Sex With Each Other

A sociology doctorate recently interviewed 19 men from white, conservative, rural areas about ‘bud-sex’, a heterosexual way of having gay sex.

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Under the Cover of Night: 10 of America’s Most Famous Gay Cruising Spots, Past and Present

It’s illegal to have sex in public, but it’s also a fact that repressive laws often left LGBTQ people with few other options

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The Top-Rated Pride Parade in the United States Is Actually Not New York City’s

Pride parades are undoubtedly one of the highlights of June. While the entire month is packed with parties, events and activism, for most of us, the cherry on top is the parade. But say you could choose any Pride parade, anywhere in the country, to go to. Which would you[…]

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People Are Pissed That Captain America ‘Hung Out’ With This Far-Right Texas Politician

Images from the Chris Evans and Dan Crenshaw meetup last week were shared with the public via social media

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