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Watch This Handsome Weatherman Give Hurricane Katia a ‘Drag Race’ Makeover

During his weather forecast, meteorologist Jason Disharoon reported the latest news involving Hurricane Katia

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News Anchors Can’t Stop Laughing Over Penis-Shaped Cloud

Mother Nature has a filthy sense of humor. Either that or these meteorologists are deliberately seeking out suggestively shaped clouds.

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PHOTOS: Fire Rainbows Are Your New Favorite Thing In The World

Fire rainbows are neither fire nor rainbows, but they are pretty amazing. Check out these gorgeous pictures of this weirdly awesome natural phenomenon.

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Incredible First-Person Video as Tornado Slams Into Joplin Convenience Store

89 people are dead after a mammoth tornado slammed into Joplin, Missouri yesterday, and there is some incredible footage showing the tornado descending on the town, of people caught in its path, and of the devastation left in its wake. Bone-chilling audio as the tornado rips through convenience store: Storm[…]

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