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An Entire Restaurant Came to the Rescue of a Gay Couple Attacked For ‘Depriving’ Their Child of a Mother

“It’s still love for the child—and that’s all that f*cking matters.”

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What Would You Do: Interracial Couple Harassed and Gay Parents Bashed

In our continuing coverage of ABC’s What Would You Do?, we’ve brought you gay parents denied service and now we bring you the most recent episode, which asks: What would you do if an interracial couple is harassed or gay parents were bashed? WWYD? goes to Dallas, Texas, and discovers[…]

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Woman Calls 911 To Report Two Men Kissing On Park Bench

ABC News’ What Would You Do? has caught our attention quite a few times in recent weeks with their exploration of gay acceptance through various set-ups. Last week Nick shared a piece from the program in which a waitress refused to serve gay parents, and you all had plenty to[…]

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What Would You Do If A Waitress Refused to Serve Gay Parents?

With one in five gay couples raising children in the United States, the concept of the “traditional” family has changed dramatically. And with “Glee” and “Modern Family” ushering unconventional family structures into the homes of Americans all over, the idea of the traditional family continues to shift. Tellingly, a sociologist[…]

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