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15 Anonymous Bisexual Secrets From ‘Whisper’

It’s time to check in with the anonymous secret-sharers at Whisper.Sh to see what they’ve got to say about the different aspects of being bisexual!

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PHOTOS: Whisper’s Anonymous Agender Secrets

Let’s take another look in at our anonymous friends at Whisper.sh, and see what they’ve got to share about what it’s like to be agender this secret gallery.

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PHOTOS: Asexuals Confess Secrets Anonymously On ‘Whisper’

We check in with the users of Whisper to see what they have to say when it comes to the topic of asexuality in this gallery of secrets.

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PHOTOS: Anonymous Users On ‘Whisper’ Reveal Their Coming Out Secrets

Coming out is often difficult, even if it works out well. We’ve put together a gallery of Whispers from people about coming out: the struggles and the joy.

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