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Oh, Girl, No! The 10 Most Hideous Female Superhero Costumes in Comic Book History

With decades of comic book history to choose from, it wasn’t all that difficult to point out some of the worst female superhero costumes of all time

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11 Sketches of Female Superheroes and Villains Imagined as Sexy Muscle Hunks

We are loving this collection of sketches by ZachArt reimagining female superheroes and villains as sexy hunks and delicious trade

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Editors' Picks
‘WW84’ Sadly Returns the DC Universe to Its Niche of Superhero Mediocrity

WW84 (Wonder Woman 1984) isn’t a total disaster, but it does manage to get everything wrong that the first film got right.

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A 5-Year-Old Boy Chose a Wonder Woman Backpack, and the Heroine Herself Approves

When a mom wrote about her 5-year-old son choosing a Wonder Woman backpack for his first day of Kindergarten, Gal Gadot herself praised his choice

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