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Uruguay is Urugay — and More Good News From Around The World!

Uruguay’s the best country for LGBTQ people in all of South and Central America! That and more in our look at good news from around the world!

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Adorable Gay Vultures And Other Happy LGBTQ News From Around The World

It’s always important to focus on the good that’s going on in the world — like the German gay vultures who have adopted an abandoned egg.

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The US Has Marriage, But What About International LGBT Struggles?

As American LGBT people begin to enjoy more benefits of equality, the lives of LGBT people abroad often remain solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.

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Is The World Bank Trying To Silence Its Most Vocal LGBT Critic?

The World Bank has accused its most vocal LGBT employee of leaking an important document, but anonymous sources says there’s something darker afoot.

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