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Worst of 2017 News and Stories

For Caitlyn Jenner, the Trans Community Is Nothing More Than a Prop

She spent 2017 trying to “Make Caitlyn Great Again,” which wouldn’t have been a bad thing had she not done it at the trans community’s expense

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2017 Kept Us Sexually Trapped With the Oppressive Term ‘Masc’

The term “masc” reinforces the idea that femininity is neither sexy nor acceptable and that masculine is the only allowable way to be

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This Year’s Gaggle of Gay Trump-Supporting Fame Whores Really Is the Worst

Conservatives are embracing gay Trump supporters as pariahs, citing their support as proof that policies aren’t homophobic (though they are)

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Egypt Has Become a Battleground for LGBTQ Rights in 2017

A September concert sparked a fight for LGBTQ rights and safety in Egypt, as many gay men have been arrested and some convicted

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