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WWE Wrestler John Cena’s New Ad Tells Americans To Love Bi, Trans Folks

WWE Wrestler John Cena’s add telling people to love LGBT, disabled, elderly and Muslim Americans has gotten over 2 million views in barely 24 hours.

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We Want WWE Superstar Big E To Be Our New Unicorn Booty Spokesperson!

Professional wrestler Big E likes unicorns and shaking his booty. We’d like to have a word with him.

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Snooki Body Slams the WWE at Wrestlemania 27!

Snooki, the classy lady known for her drunken escapades – and furry shoe pajama line – has moved beyond the GTL and into the ring. She appeared on Monday Night Raw last month and just this past weekend was on Wrestlemania 27, broadcast on Pay-Per-View. We think it’s a perfect[…]

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‘Faggot’ and the WWE

We’re not much into wrestling here at UB – well, at least not the kind of wrestling that involves middle-aged men in tights taunting each other! Nonetheless, it caught our eye when WWE announcer called fellow announcer Josh Matthews a faggot on Twitter. What is with these people who keep[…]

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