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11 Sketches of Female Superheroes and Villains Imagined as Sexy Muscle Hunks

We are loving this collection of sketches by ZachArt reimagining female superheroes and villains as sexy hunks and delicious trade

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We’re Geeking Out Over These Pics of a Buff Kumail Nanjiani as Beloved Film Characters

Thanks to Men’s Health mag for a Kumail Nanjiani Wolverine photo that has left our inner gay comic nerds squealing with delight.

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The Daily Sting, Thursday: Most U.S. Muslims Support Gay Marriage, Fake LGBTQ Helpline Exposed

Among today’s headlines, a majority of U.S. Muslims support gay marriage, and a fake LGBTQ helpline created by Russian bots discovered

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Here’s How You Can Check Out the Brand-New Issue of ‘Iceman’ for Free

Marvel Comics is extending an offer to Hornet users to read the latest Iceman issue, Iceman #3 for free

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