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Here’s Why We Won’t See Meaningful LGBT Representation in a Franchise Blockbuster Anytime Soon

Even though queer fans may call for it and accept scraps, here’s why we probably won’t see any meaningful LGBT representation in blockbusters anytime soon

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That Should Have Been Gay: The Most Homoerotic Scenes on Film in the Last Decade

How often do you leave the theater (back when movie theaters were a thing we did) or watch the credits roll at the end of a film and think, “That was really great! Especially that one incredibly homoerotic scene between those two same-sex actors who absolutely would have sealed the[…]

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11 Sketches of Female Superheroes and Villains Imagined as Sexy Muscle Hunks

We are loving this collection of sketches by ZachArt reimagining female superheroes and villains as sexy hunks and delicious trade

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We’re Geeking Out Over These Pics of a Buff Kumail Nanjiani as Beloved Film Characters

Thanks to Men’s Health mag for a Kumail Nanjiani Wolverine photo that has left our inner gay comic nerds squealing with delight.

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