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Preschooler Stabbed By Classmate For “Looking Gay”

6 year old Swedish kindergarten student Oskar’s classmates didn’t like him wearing pink clothing or the occasional nail polish to class. So one of them stabbed him in the neck. The stabbing, which thankfully occurred with a butter knife, was not reported to the boy’s parents by Oskar’s teacher or […]

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The Boy Who Cried Fabulous

Lesléa Newman‘s book, The Boy Who Cried Fabulous has us crying out “why didn’t we think of this first?” today. The synopsis reads: “Roger is a boy who simply can’t stop smelling the roses. Can you blame him? Through his eyes the world is a wonder not to be rushed […]

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Black Swan Kids! Kyoooot!

We finally saw Black Swan two nights ago, and we’ve been haunted ever since. AolVideo has thankfully taken some of the sting away with this adorable homage to the original. Black Swan Kids, y’all! What do you think of these tiny tots’ moves? Should Natalie Portman be worried about them […]