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Little Boy Meets First Gay Couple – VIDEO

Abso-freakin-lutely amazing. Grab a towel and a change of clothes, because this little boy is about the melt your heart out. “I usually see husbands and wives, but this is the VERY FIRST TIME I saw husbands and husbands!” Moments like this one are the exact reason we created Unicorn […]

Debbie MeowMIX: Can’t Hug Every Cat

When I first stumbled upon Debbie’s eHarmony video submission a few weeks back, I wasn’t quite sure that it was UB material. I was clearly wrong, because it blew up on my Facebook page. Live and learn, y’all. Today, I redeem myself with Songify’s remix MEOWmix. If you don’t know, […]

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BTW Karaoke: You Have To Hear It To Believe It

It’s Friday, Friday…and we’re looking forward to the weekend. (Re: Not taking our jobs seriously.) Please accept this amazing sonic gem as a token of our undying love for your, dear readers. Now be nice with your replies. Tell us what you like most about this rousing rendition of Lady […]

Gay blog: No fools here!

The Web’s Best April Fool’s Pranks

UPDATE: Check out the Hoffington Post, dedicated to the Hoffmeister himself! It’s that time of year again, and as usual, the Web hosts some pretty elaborate April Fool’s Day pranks. April Fool’s pranks have been going on for centuries, and they are of dubious origin. One of the earliest mentions […]

Gay blog: Dick is back

Richard Simmons Is Gayer Than Ever for Air New Zealand!

Ol’ Dick is at it again, and he looks gayer than ever! He’s doing the safety video for Air New Zealand, and we can only imagine the reaction that straight people are going to have watching this video before every flight. The double entendres are almost too much for even […]

Gay Blog: Qaddafi is Angry Birds!

Angry Birds Take on Unrest in the Middle East

We knew that the international coalition taking on Libya is actually fronted by the Angry Birds! There’s a video that’s attacking the viral charts right now, and it is one of those instant classics that take pop culture and current events and slams them together with a wicked show of […]

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Religious Fanatic Girl Praises God For Devastation In Japan

YouTube fan-turned-most despised person on the planet, Tamtampamela, makes us feel very, very uncomfortable with her assertion that “God shook the country of Japan by the shoulders” to show atheists of the world they are going to Hell. It’s the same old “God did this to punish you” for some […]