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Last Night’s Primary Elections Saw Ally Zach Wahls Win Alongside Progressive LGBTQ Candidates

LGBTQ ally Zach Wahls won his race to compete for a seat in the Iowa Senate, and he’s just one of several pro-LGBTQ candidates who did well last night

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Zach Wahls Does Ellen (Her Show, You Perv)

The inspiring, charismatic, gorgeous Zach Wahls was welcomed onto Ellen’s show to discuss his viral testimony before an Iowa court that sought to strip the state’s gay and lesbian couples of their marriage equality. While the Iowa House still voted to write discrimination into the constitution, Zach’s video has gone[…]

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Watch: 80 Year Old Grandmother Supports Gay Marriage

Jean Argus is giving Iowa Man of the Year Zach Wahls a run for his money in the inspiring video category. In fact, the 80 year old grandmother, and mother of a gay son, was so impressed with Wahls’ courtroom testimony about his two mothers, that she’s uploaded her own[…]

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Fuck Yeah! Zach Wahls

Ever since Zach Wahls confronted the Iowa State House of Representatives about their proposed LGBT discrimination, we haven’t been able to get him off of our minds. Today, we’re nursing our Zach Wahls crush the only way we know how – via Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling-inspired photos. Hey girl (or[…]

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All of America Loves Zach Wahls! (Except Iowa Repubs)

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19 Yr Old Tells Iowa Court He Loves His Two Moms

19 year old Zach Wahls bravely and eloquently spoke up today in an Iowa courtroom as the state debated whether or not to brand it’s LGBT residents as second class citizens by writing marriage by writing marriage discrimination laws into the state constitution.

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