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Rio 2016: How To Handle Zika, HIV and Emergencies at the Olympic Summer Games

If you’re attending the Rio 2016 Olympic Summer Games, here’s a handy guide to avoiding any troubles while you’re enjoying Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Rio 2016: How To Avoid Zika, Unsafe Sex, And Other Emergencies At The Summer Olympics

Rio de Janeiro is a nice, but it also has pesky mosquitos, criminals and emergencies like any world city. Here’s some advice for a happy, healthy stay during the Olympics.

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Olympics Prepares For Onslaught Of Athletic Sex At Rio Summer Games

Everyone knows that the Olympics is a hot bed of sweaty athletic sex. Apparently the 2016 Summer Games is going to have more humping than ever!

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U.S. Schools Are Banning LGBT Websites Again… And Other Anti-LGBT World News

Sadly, the LGBTQ community has a lot of work to do fighting homophobia around the world; here’s our monthly roundup of what’s happening.

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