Taichung City, Taiwan, Celebrates Pride with a Record-Breaking Crowd of 20,000

Taichung City, Taiwan, Celebrates Pride with a Record-Breaking Crowd of 20,000

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Asia’s second largest pride event, Taichung City Pride, proudly celebrated its fifth year last weekend. Riding on the marriage equality buzz heating up in Taiwan, another record-breaking crowd of 20,000 people came to participate.

The Taichung city government unprecedentedly rose a rainbow flag inside City Hall this year to declare itself as a more inclusive and gender-diverse city.

Kay, the chairman of Taichung Pride, shared that the agenda they want to discuss this year is not only to keep fighting for marriage equality but to have a more in-depth discussion of transgender, bisexual, asexual and pan-sexual visibility, which was showcased in this year’s visual design, having each letter of the “LGBTQIA” acronym represented by one animal—the leopard for L, a giraffe for G, bats for B.

There were nearly 50 participating booths from all over Taiwan surrounding the main stage in Taichung City Park. LGBT-friendly shops, NGOs for nationwide LGBT equality and local political parties all had fun and engaging activities that really showcased the friendly atmosphere of Taichung City. Around 2 p.m., the parade began with a huge rainbow flag leading the way around the busiest parts of Taichung City and eventually back to City Park.

Photo by Central News Agency

Hornet was the only commercial float at the parade, engaging the crowd with its three models blasting dance music. The models took pictures with everyone and attracted lots of attention.

After the parade there were performances on the main stage, including current Rainbow Ambassador Lara, who brought her sister onstage and shared a passionate statement about being a strong supporter of the gay community before singing five songs for the audience.

Photo by Hung Tzu-Yung via newbloommag.net

On Dec. 26, Taipei will host a second rally for marriage equality. More info here.

(Featured photo via Central News Agency)

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