Taiwan Considers Gay Conversion Therapy Ban

Taiwan Considers Gay Conversion Therapy Ban

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Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare has published a draft regulation to ban gay conversion therapy, Focus Taiwan reports. The regulation would outlaw the use of conversion therapy to change a person’s gender identity or sexual orientation.

For 30 days following the draft regulation’s publication, the Taiwanese people are able to offer their opinions. After that consultation period, the government will issue a regulation taking those opinions into account.

This regulation would be added to the Physicians Act, which covers medical professionals who engage in banned treatments and appropriate fines and suspensions.

The regulation seems to have a good chance of success. Taiwan is perhaps the most pro-gay country in Southeast Asia, with enormous public support for marriage equality and a president who has spoken in favor of LGBT rights for years.

If the regulation becomes law, Taiwan will join Malta in being one of all-too-few nations to ban the unscientific, harmful practice of gay conversion therapy.

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