Taiwan is Getting Closer to Banning Gay Conversion Therapy

Taiwan is Getting Closer to Banning Gay Conversion Therapy

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A bill to ban gay conversion therapy in Taiwan has bypassed the legislature.

Taiwan Law Blog writes:

While the struggle for marriage equality in Taiwan dominated the headlines last month with the bills finally referred to the Legislative Yuan by the Judicial and Organic Laws and Statutes Committee on December 26 amidst rallies by proponents and opponents, a significant development for LGBTQ rights was taking place in the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW 衛生福利部). The MOHW is considering the possibility of banning gay conversion therapy, the purported treatment to cure people of their sexual “deviance” and convert them to heterosexuality.

The MOHW proposal would categorize conversion therapy as a prohibited treatment. As such, physicians would be fined, suspended, or have their license revoked if they were to engage in the “treatment.”

This is, obviously, awesome news. Taiwan is generally pro-LGBTQ, and seems to be headed toward legalizing same-sex marriage as well.

But the conversion therapy ban isn’t law yet. The public has until Feb. 28 to submit comments on the bill to the MOHW.

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