The New Talkmoji Keyboard Helps You Talk About Sexual Health When Words Fail

The New Talkmoji Keyboard Helps You Talk About Sexual Health When Words Fail

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Talking about sexual health issues can still be a struggle for many of us. The new Talkmoji keyboard, released by Hornet — the parent company of this site — hopes to fix that by helping men talk about all elements of sexual health, even when they can’t find the right words.

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The new emoji keyboard is designed to make communicating about sexual health even easier. The diverse and colorful emojis provide plenty of options for talking about PrEP, HIV status or being undetectable. The Talkmoji also include a diverse selection of playful choices for other topics — from brunch and bears to working out and “werking” it. Together, they make self-expression a breeze.

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But it’s the assortment of sexual health related emojis that set Talkmoji apart from all the other emoji keyboards. Users can send emojis about testing, PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis), being undetectable, even lube. There are also all sorts of emojis that reflect parts of the LGBTQ experience, like leather, athletics and an ACT-UP protest sign. The emojis are vibrant and sassy but also affirm the fact that all of these things, including sexual health, are part of LGBTQ lives our collective community.talkmoji sexual health chat 2

Gay men continue to be disproportionately impacted by HIV, and there’s an ongoing need for more ways to talk openly and honestly about sexual health. The ease of sending a “poz” or “PrEP” emoji allows for easier and more direct communication and hopefully a more meaningful connection.

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The Talkmoji is available for both Apple and Android devices.talkmoji sexual health hearts

Another great resource for talking about sexual health is the Start Talking. Stop HIV. Campaign provides all sort of information about how gay and bisexual men can talk openly about HIV and choose the prevention methods that work best for them.  More details can be found at


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