Tamar Braxton Claims Racism After Dallas Gay Bar Rejects Her for Violating Its Dress Code

Tamar Braxton Claims Racism After Dallas Gay Bar Rejects Her for Violating Its Dress Code

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On Monday, American actress and singer Tamar Braxton posted a video on Instagram alleging that the Dallas gay bar, JR’s Bar and Grill, turned her away at the door for violating its dress code. The Tamar Braxton Dallas gay bar video has since gone viral with a community forum expected to address the incident.


Details of the Tamar Braxton Dallas gay bar video

In the video, Braxton says, “Well, evidently I look like a gangster. I can’t go in this establishment here in my favorite town, Dallas. It’s sad — zero tolerance for black people.”

Dallas resident and activist James Michael publicly posted a copy of the video to his Facebook wall along with the following comment:

Soooooo … Jrs Bar And Grill … When a musical megastar like Tamar Braxton-Herbert is in town for a show … And decides to dress down and casually walk into your establishment for a low-key drink … Is it your policy to say she looks like a gangster and then reference a bullshit zero policy sign on your door? Nevermind that she wouldn’t be the first black person to have a negative experience in your establishment. There has long been talk of passive aggressive racist business practices as well as overt discrimination. What do we do about this?

While having a policy of no backpacks promotes safety…. You could easily do a backpack check similar to checking purses for women.

Now here’s where it’s some shit. We all know sagging pants is often ignorantly and stereotypically associated with minority fashion. While it is your right to request a dress code, the transparency in requiring pants to be worn around the waist is obvious. You believed Sagging pants = ghetto. Ghetto = black. Please don’t be too black. If you adhere to our Caucasian acceptable fashion requirements you’re fine.

Also … No sweat towels? I mean … You knew what you were doing with that one.

Here is the Tamar Braxton Dallas gay bar video:

According to a local FOX affiliate, the bar’s dress code specifies, “No sweat towels, no backpacks, pants are to be worn around the waist, no sunglasses worn inside, give respect, get respect” and a “zero tolerance policy.”


The bar responds to the Tamar Braxton Dallas gay bar video

In response, JR’s Bar and Grill issued the following statement:

For more than forty years, JR’s has been a community anchor proudly serving and entertaining people of all genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations and religions. Serving the community with fairness, and always committed to diversity and inclusion in a safe environment.

To maintain that safety of our patrons and employees, we have strict guidelines that have been designed in collaboration with city and state regulators. Compliance with government and community is of the utmost importance and responsibility when serving alcohol in the state of Texas. Our posted policies regarding entrance into JR’s Bar & Grill are to both ensure the safety of all our customers and to certify that our staff are in accordance with the law when serving alcohol – without exception.

JR’s has served a vast array of communities, including residents in the Oak Lawn neighborhood, throughout Dallas, and visitors from around the world. We take immense pride in the diversity of our employees, contractors, patrons and our commitment to maintain a culture of inclusion and responsible celebration.

In this instance, we were simply following our published procedures. It would have been a beautiful experience and honor to add Tamar Braxton to the long list of celebrities who have enjoyed JR’s as a safe and inclusive entertainment venue. We are deeply saddened that she didn’t experience the love that awaited her inside.

JR’s Bar and Grill is operated by Caven Enterprises, a management company that oversees several bars on Dallas’ gay Cedar Spring strip. The bar is also a member of the local Dallas Tavern Guild, a collection of gay bars that also coordinates the city’s annual Pride parade. The parade has never had a black grand marshal in its 33-year history.

People have left a slew of negative reviews on the Facebook page for JR’s Bar and Grill. An insider has told Hornet that the criticisms have largely fallen on deaf ears within Caven and the Tavern Guild. Nevertheless, local LGBTQ groups are organizing a community forum to discuss the issue soon, the insider told us.

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