Target Lands In Political Donations Hot Water AGAIN

Target Lands In Political Donations Hot Water AGAIN

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Target’s irresponsible and oftentimes dangerous political donations have made an enemy out of the LGBT community over the past year. Now an annual shareholders meeting is drawing attention to the fact that the company has learned nothing from the fallout from their anti-gay donations. Target has sued LGBT non-profit workers and failed to enact strong regulations on political spending. Not to mention the matter of never following through on their promise to Lady Gaga to “affiliate themselves with LGBT charity groups.

Activists this week are taking aim at Target Corporation, where shareholders on Wednesday are meeting for the first time since the company became the poster child for political-donation blowback. Facing widespread criticism and calls for a boycott, Target was forced to apologize in August after it donated $150,000 from its treasury to a group that ran an ad for a candidate in the Minnesota governor’s race who was an outspoken opponent of gay rights.

Target reviewed and revised its policy on political contributions after that incident. Mike Dean, executive director of Common Cause Minnesota, said the Minneapolis-based company took some positive steps, such as requiring the trade associations to which it contributes not to spend its money on campaign contributions.

But Dean said that the new rules, which still allow spending directly from its corporate treasury, aren’t specific enough. “Target has really failed to learn the true lessons from this controversy,” he told HuffPost.

On Tuesday, de Blasio sent a letter to the New York City comptroller about Target. He suggested that the fund withhold its support from Target directors “in the absence of a change in policy on political spending.

Long story short, investors won’t even put money into Target these days, so gay people should under no condition be spending their money at Target.

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