Target: ‘You Make Us’ Work Against Gay Rights

Target: ‘You Make Us’ Work Against Gay Rights

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On the heels of even more bad press after Target lost it’s legal battle against canvassers for marriage equality (Yes, they seriously sued to keep LGBT rights advocates out of their stores. Sigh…), the company has put out this lovely video all about the dozens of flavors of diversity among Target employees.

The video makes the claim that “whether we’re gay, straight, or identify ourselves any other way, we love whoever it is we love.” Uhhh, yeah. That’s kind of been our point all along.

“Isn’t it wonderful how the things that set us all apart are the very things that bring us together.” Like how your anti-gay donations and homophobic boardroom behavior brought the entire LGBT community together against your company? Yes, wonderful!

“No matter how adventurous your hairstyle, how deep your love for animals, or how creative your not-so-hidden-anymore talents are, you know you can be yourself here. You can tell your story, share your dream, and trust that every day in a place that brings us all together you will be welcomes and honored.” Unless you are gay or an ally of the gay community, or your dream is to see LGBT Americans receive equal treatment under the law. In which case, Target will literally sue to keep you out of their store, and make political donations to candidates who run in “Kill the gays” circles.

Again, nobody is refuting the fact that Target hired LGBT employees, many of whom find their stores to be welcoming and supportive. The problem is Target’s executive decisions to pursue profit over decent treatment of its LGBT employees. It’s ballsy and a ridiculous joke that Target would release this video the same day that the company was in court suing to keep marriage equality supporters out of its stores.

Target may be diverse, but all the PR commercials in the world won’t change the fact that the company continues to be extremely anti-gay.

What do you think of Target’s diversity commercial?

But yay for diversity!

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