Alaska Dishes on Taylor Swift: ‘If She Thinks She’s Queen of the Snakes, She’s Terribly Mistaken’

Alaska Dishes on Taylor Swift: ‘If She Thinks She’s Queen of the Snakes, She’s Terribly Mistaken’

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Taylor Swift has embraced her reputation as a snake. After she recently deleted all her social media, the pop princess shared a video of a snake slithering by. It’s a nod to the term used against her by many, started by Kim Kardashian after Swift’s most recent drama with Kanye West.

Many fans took to Swift’s social media to comment with snake emojis — so much so that Instagram actually implemented an automated feature deleting any comment on her account featuring the slithery creature.

This isn’t the first time a celebrity has reclaimed their status as a snake. Alaska Thunderfuck did the same last year after fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race compared her strategy (attempting to bribe Detox with $10,000 via PayPal) as cunning and conniving. Fans swarmed her comments with the snake emoji, but afterwards she began using it herself.

Fader brilliantly dished with the All Stars 2 winner about what’s like to see Swift basically doing the same thing less than a year later. And Alaska’s response is pretty epic.

Straight people love to steal from drag queens. It happens all the time. But luckily I love to inspire young artists. The truth is, people who have longevity are able to be aware of their public perception and take it and use it and make it work for them. So bravo to Taylor. I never stopped liking her and I still do. But if she thinks she’s the Queen of Snakes, she is terribly mistaken.

Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation is slated to be released this fall, with the first single dropping Friday, Aug. 25, at midnight.

But Swift isn’t the only snake making headlines, as Thunderfuck is, too. It was announced Thursday that the drag diva will be part of VH1’s new horror reality seriesScared Famous. She will be one of 10 reality stars who are forced to stay at an eerie estate in one of America’s most haunted cities, Savannah, Georgia. The spooky fun premieres Monday, Oct. 23, 9/8c on VH1.

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