Taylor Swift Wins $1 in Her Trial Against the DJ She Accused of Groping Her

Taylor Swift Wins $1 in Her Trial Against the DJ She Accused of Groping Her

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Today, a jury found in favor of Taylor Swift in her case against a former radio DJ. Denver radio station KYGO fired morning host David Mueller two days after a concert meet-and-greet. Swift said Mueller “reached under [her] skirt and grabbed [her] ass.” Mueller, however, claimed he was “jostling” to put his arm around the singer and grazed her rib.

The case started when Mueller sued Swift for defamation in 2015. Mueller asked for $257,000 in damage to replace the money he lost from losing his job. Swift countersued for $1, a symbolic amount, for assault.

The eight-person jury, however, agreed with Swift. The jury, made up of six women and two men rendered their verdict in approximately four hours. In addition to upholding Swift’s assault claim, they also determined that Swift’s mother and management team did not “interfere” in KYGO’s decision to fire Mueller.

In the photo from the meet-and-greet, Swift poses between Mueller and Mueller’s then-girlfriend Shannon Melcher. Mueller’s arm is seen behind Swift’s waist. His arm is angled down, though his hand is not visible in the shot.

Mueller’s attorney, Gabriel McFarland questioned Mueller’s motive for assaulting Swift. He said:

“I don’t know what kind of person grabs or gropes a powerful music star, but it’s not that guy. It’s not the guy standing next to a woman he loves. It’s not the guy who just landed his dream job with his best friend in the mountains of Denver.”

Swift’s attorney, however, Douglas Baldridge, showed another photo taken from the same meet-and-greet during his closing argument. The photo showed another adult couple. In this photo, the man posing with the singer has his arm around her shoulder. Baldridge said, “It goes where my arm goes when I give a hug to my daughters’ good friends. I don’t go anywhere near their rear ends.”


Photo by Ronald Woan via Wikimedia Commons

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