Watch Taylor Swift’s Unhinged Video for ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Featuring Todrick Hall

Watch Taylor Swift’s Unhinged Video for ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Featuring Todrick Hall

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Taylor Swift is giving us something to talk about. Her new video for her song “Look What You Made Me Do” is bonkers and bat shit crazy.

It begins with a dead Taylor Swift zombie coming out of a grave. Next, we find her in a bathtub full of diamonds. Is that a possibly a dark nod to Kim Kardashian West’s robbery in Paris? Next, we find Swift sitting on a throne with snakes slithering at her feet and pouring her tea. In the next scene, a blinged out Swift is in a car accident. Oh, and there’s a cheetah in the passenger seat.

The second verse begins with Swift swinging in a cage and then sitting down to dinner with lobster. Maybe it’s her last meal before she gets executed? Or maybe it’s a nod to Beyonce’s “Formation” where she talks about going to Red Lobster.

Another robbery scene, we soon find Swift in a safe swinging a bat with women dressed as cats. What does it mean? Now, she is the leather daddy from Village People getting on a motorcycle.

Soon the gays led by Todrick Hall come into the video. This is where everyone picked up on some “Formation” influences. But also Swift wears a bondage outfit cracking a whip and cock ring necklace. We’re not sure what she’s telling us here – maybe that to cope with your reputation being smeared you need to get a gaggle of gays to make you feel better? That actually may make some sense.

It’s all too much. The end is probably the most savage part of all, where she makes fun of the previous iterations of herself and also Kim Kardashian. We’re still processing the video after watching it a few times. 30 minutes after it was published online, it already had more than 475,000 views.

Watch Taylor Swift’s video here:

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