Teacher Bans Gay Student From Sharing Fridge With Straight Peers

Teacher Bans Gay Student From Sharing Fridge With Straight Peers

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It’s bad enough that gay teens are forced to endure ridicule from their classmates. They don’t need teachers chiming in against them, to boot.

Flagler Palm Coast High School Freshman Luke Herbert unfortunately has been on the receiving end of a teacher’s mad-on for the gay student.

“He stood in front of the class and said ‘you can’t put Mountain Dew or Pepsi in the same fridge or they’ll turn gay.’ He [also] came over to me, and I was like ‘hi.’ He said hi, like he was imitating me or mocking me,” the 15-year-old told Florida’s News 13.

Herbert’s mother, Doreen Davenport, complained to the school multiple times before being promised that her son would be switched to another class (Even though it’s the homophobic teacher who is the problem in this classroom.), but that has yet to happen. Davenport says she worried about his safety every day.

Boo! This sucks. It blows our minds to hear teachers harassing any student for any reason whatsoever to begin with. That a teach would pick on a gay student during a time of highly publicized gay suicides and discrimination leading to lawsuits against schools just straight up baffles.

Hang in there Luke! For what it’s worth, you’re a total babe.

Via The Advocate

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