These Gay Bodybuilders Embrace Their Femme Side in #TeamKameron Instagram Video

These Gay Bodybuilders Embrace Their Femme Side in #TeamKameron Instagram Video

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We all know toxic masculinity ABOUNDS in the gay community. So it’s nice to see stereotypical men that look like they’d perpetuate this behavior flip the narrative and embrace their femme side instead. That’s exactly what three Nashville, Tennessee based gay bodybuilders did when they recorded a #TeamKameron Instagram video set to Kameron Michael’s verse from the RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10 remix of “America.”

Michaels herself shared the post, with the caption, “Oh I am BAWLING? The emotions today are real. Today is the day my sisters and I make amends and now THIS?! I can’t ?? Thank you boys, this couldn’t have come at a better time!”

The video features Joseph Rochelle, James Mai and Mathieu Brooks working out to the track. During their gym session, the trio don fabulous pairs of heels, get their nails done and add other drag-tastic accents to their workout. The video is super fun, but like we said before — we’re just happy to see these gym bunnies actually embrace some femme-ness, opposed to putting others down for it, which happens so much in our community.

“The idea came from the fact that the true Dane/Kameron has always been an introvert,” Rochelle tells Hornet. “This isn’t just how he appears on TV. There are many of us shy guys out there that need to find a medium that becomes our proud outlet. For Kameron, that confidence came into existence by going to the drag and the gym. Even our community downplayed the fact that a muscle guy can’t be a drag queen because he would be too big. That didn’t stop Kameron.”

The setting, World’s Gym Music City, will be hosting OutWod, an LGBTQ fitness chapter the boys staring in the video are trying to bring to Nashville.

“We picked a gym as the setting because we wanted to show there there is love and acceptance everywhere,” he continues. “We decided to support Kameron by going to the best gym in Nashville and pitching the idea of working out in heels to support Kameron and remove some stigma around gym intimidation. We loved doing the video to have a positive outcome and while none of the Drag Race queens voted for Kameron to win at the reunion, a lot of people most certainly do around the world.”

“P.S: Working out in heels is hard! I can only imagine how hard performing would be in them.”

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