Ted Nugent ‘Repulsed’ by Gay Sex But Loves the Gays

Ted Nugent ‘Repulsed’ by Gay Sex But Loves the Gays

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Ted Nugent appeared on Piers Morgan this week, and shared a unique view on gays. It’s hard to hate Ted, as he sticks by his beliefs but also doesn’t trample on the rights of individuals to be who they are.

He says, “I’m repulsed at the concept of man on man sex, I think it’s against nature. I think it’s strange as hell. But if that’s what you are, I love you.”

Here’s that conversation, only a chunk of a lively interview:

MORGAN: Well, yes, except that Kobe Bryant was fined 100,000 dollars for using a gay slur during a Lakers’ game. And Ted, you wrote a piece after and I’m going to read what you said here. You said that homosexuals are the most protected class of people in America.

And you said, and I quote, “The NBA should hold homosexual night during halftime and homosexuals could come down on the court, hold hands, prance around the court to music by The Village People.” You also said that homosexuality was morally wrong.

NUGENT: That’s like Clapton trap. No, let’s put it this way. If you’re gay, have a nice day. I could give a rat’s ass. I don’t —

MORGAN: Are you homophobic?

NUGENT: Not at all, no.

MORGAN: Would you be happy if one of your —

NUGENT: I’m heterophiliac.

MORGAN: What’s a heterophiliac?

NUGENT: It means I’m hopelessly addicted to women — woman.

MORGAN: Right. If one of your children came up and say, Dad, I’m gay. How would you react to that?

NUGENT: I’d say, get the gun, let’s go kill a deer. Inconsequential.

MORGAN: You wouldn’t mind morally?

NUGENT: Not at all. I am repulsed at the concept of man on man sex. I think it’s against nature. I think it’s strange as hell. But if that’s what you are, I love you.

MORGAN: But do you believe it’s morally wrong? You have suggested that before.

NUGENT: You know, I’m not going to judge another’s morals.

MORGAN: You judge people all the time.

NUGENT: Yes, sometimes you have to. I have to judge my bass player, and that’s why I’ve got the greatest bass player in the world. No. I say live and let live. Like I said, gay? Go nuts. Martians? Cool. I really don’t care.

MORGAN: If one of your kids — for argument sake — came up and said, Dad —

NUGENT: I wish you could meet all my kids. They’re all wonderful.

MORGAN: I’d love to. I’d love to. I’m sure they’d be very entertaining. If they came back and said, Dad, I’ve got some bad news. I’m gay. I’m a vegan. I don’t believe in hunting. I don’t believe in firearms.

NUGENT: Go nuts.

MORGAN: Happy.

NUGENT: Absolutely happy.

MORGAN: Welcoming, family values guy.

NUGENT: Ultimately — ultimately, all that stuff is inconsequential for the spirit of an individual. I have friends that are vegans, and we love each other. I have friends that are gay. I have friends that hate guns, but I’m going to fix them.

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