Teddy Tzeng’s ‘Candy Crush’ Will Leave You Dripping Wet (Photos)

Teddy Tzeng’s ‘Candy Crush’ Will Leave You Dripping Wet (Photos)

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When you hear “Candy Crush”, you probably think of Zenga’s massively popular match-three game, but the 2017 Candy Crush calendar is infinitely hotter. Oh, it’s playful and colorful just like the game, but Taiwanese photographer Teddy Tzeng has a different sort of “candy” in mind, and we’re crushing hard.

Tzeng threw a cup of icing at the genitals of his oiled-up, muscular models to create energetic shots of sexy men enjoying their sweets. While we wouldn’t want anyone launching a pint of glaze at our nuts, his shots still have us in a sugar rush—some of them almost show the goods.. alllllmoooooost. Plus, the full calendar features both men and women for some bisexual appeal. Oh yessssss.

Tzeng is pretty hunky himself too. If you wanna salivate over his many shirtless selfies, check out his Instagram; consider it the cherry on top of this dessert.

(Thanks to Accidental Bear)

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