‘Teen Vogue’ Unsurprisingly Has No Time for Donald Trump’s Bullshit

‘Teen Vogue’ Unsurprisingly Has No Time for Donald Trump’s Bullshit

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If you thought Teen Vogue was strictly concerned with trending hairstyles, boy problems and, er, this post, you’d be incorrect, my friend. As we learned this past weekend in an op-ed titled “Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America,” the fashionable mag meant for young women is determined to keep its readers informed on the ‘real issues.’ And yes, before you ask, it’s possible for ladies to be concerned with both politics and fashion!

Lauren Duca’s “scorched-earth op-ed” (their words, not ours) has had it with Trump’s constant dismissal of facts and pathological deception of the American people.

As she says in the very well-written piece:

Trump won the Presidency by gas light. His rise to power has awakened a force of bigotry by condoning and encouraging hatred, but also by normalizing deception. Civil rights are now on trial, though before we can fight to reassert the march toward equality, we must regain control of the truth. If that seems melodramatic, I would encourage you to dump a bucket of ice over your head while listening to “Duel of the Fates.” Donald Trump is our President now; it’s time to wake up.

Trump’s long list of lies to the American public are well-documented by now, though Duca differentiates between his lies as a candidate and his lies as the president-elect: “As a candidate, Trump’s gas lighting was manipulative, as President-elect it is a deliberate attempt to destabilize journalism as a check on the power of government.”

The entire op-ed is a thoughtful argument from a publication that while perhaps more accustomed to covering trending fashion and celebrity gossip, has entered a ‘new era’ that many credit to Elaine Welteroth, the new editor in chief of Teen Vogue. (She’s the youngest Condé Nast editor at 29, and also a woman of color.) Welteroth is bringing the mag’s content—and thereby its readers—into full political consciousness. Past Teen Vogue stories have examined VP-elect Mike Pence’s backwards record on women’s and LGBT rights, for example, and has reported from Standing Rock.

But Teen Vogue isn’t the only Vogue title fully fed up with Trump. Vogue editrix Anna Wintour got herself in hot water over the weekend as well (same day, even) for statements she was overheard making that lambasted the president-elect, saying the Trump Foundation had achieved nothing, and that we can expect him to use the presidency to further his personal brand of douchebaggery (our words, not hers). Unfortunately, she’s since apologized for those remarks, wishing Trump a successful presidency.

All in all, we’d say the current state of women’s magazines are more ferocious and politically active than ever before, which is a beautiful thing.

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