VIDEOS: 10 Movies We Can’t Wait To See This Fall

VIDEOS: 10 Movies We Can’t Wait To See This Fall

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After Labor Day there’s nary a superhero to be found at the multiplexes, an exciting relief for moviegoers that prefer dramas and thrillers to action heroes and sequels that lack any kind of character development. From queer-thrillers and gay history to fourth-grade horror and adaptations of beloved children’s books, here are our ten picks for the most exciting movie releases between now and Halloween.

The Perfect Guy

Love & Basketball star Sanaa Lathan stars as Leah, a government lobbyist who falls hard for a dreamy but sinister stranger (Michael Ely). When an ex (Morris Chestnut) suddenly re-appears, Leah has to choose which guy is less crazy. This serious thriller looks like amazingly silly fun. (September 11)

The Beauty Inside (뷰티 인사이드)

Twenty-one different performers play Woo-jin, a Korean man who wakes up in a different body each morning. He’s madly in love, but needs to navigate through life by adjusting to different ages, genders, and occasionally even nationalities. (September 11)

The New Girlfriend

Based on a 1985 short story by crime novelist Ruth Rendell, Francois Ozon’s latest film stars hunky Romain Duris as a widower with a newborn, and Anaïs Demoustier as his late wife’s best friend. There’s a tangle of juicy secrets and intrigue, but it’s best to walk in knowing as little as possible. (September 18)


One infected chicken nugget unleashes a psychotic plague of monsters in the loony Cooties, which stars Elijah Wood as the fourth-grade teacher with an out of control class. The movie co-stars The Office goofball Rainn Wilson. (September 18)


People are up in arms about the very existence of this film, which no one has actually seen yet, but we’re going to hold off on judging too harshly until the film comes out. Considering that openly gay director Roland Emmerich is pretty much only known for big budget fantasies like Independence Day and Godzilla, we’re not exactly sure why people assume he’s going for realism, anyway. (September 25)

The Keeping Room

Actress Brit Marling and self-lover Hailee Steinfeld play sisters in The Keeping Room, a thriller set in the Civil War South. The two young women and their slave (Muna Otaru) have to protect themselves from a pair of drunk renegade soldiers who are hellbent on destroying the women. (September 25)


Tom Hardy plays real-life gay gangster Ronnie Kray and also his bisexual twin brother Reggie in Legend, an epic history lesson about London’s underworld in the 1960’s. These days the Krays are mostly forgotten unless you listen to Morrissey, but half a century ago they were the terrors of London. (October 2)

Bridge of Spies

Co-written by the Coen Brothers, Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies stars Carly Rae Jepsen’s friend Tom as a lawyer hired by the CIA to negotiate with the Soviets over the release of a captured pilot. (October 16)


Jack Black plays reclusive children’s horror author R.L. Stine in Goosebumps, but this is no biography. It turns out that the author’s monsters are actually real, and once unleashed they proceed to wreak havoc in suburban Maryland. (October 16)

The Armor of Light

The Armor of Light is a documentary about Reverend Bob Schenck, an Evangelical minister who realizes that his anti-abortion teachings about the sanctity of life are directly at odds with conservative sentiment about gun rights. Nearly everyone will disagree with half of this preacher’s teachings, but will anyone be able to disagree with all of them? (October 30)

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