Tenant Wins Fight Against Apartment Complex for Right to Hang Rainbow Flag

Tenant Wins Fight Against Apartment Complex for Right to Hang Rainbow Flag

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The holiday season has become the new time for showing LGBTQ allyship and a little bit of shade. First, the Vice President-elect’s neighbors hung a bunch of rainbow flags around their Washington D.C. neighborhood to protest his anti-LGBT political stances, then there was that lesbian in Ann Arbor, Michigan who hung up 20 rainbow flags after an anonymous neighbor complained about the one rainbow flag she had hanging outside of her house and then there was that woman who hung 1,000 rainbow Christmas lights to piss off her homophobic neighbor.

Well, include Holly in San Jose, California, a woman who fought her apartment complex’s demand that she take down her rainbow flag amid all of her other neighbor’s Christmas decorations hanging all over the place. She shared her entire battle with the complex on Imgur, and after her story went viral (thanks in part to the social media of gay Star Trek veteran George Takei), her complex caved on their demand, allowing her to keep it up until January 1st, the point when all the other holiday decorations have to come down.

Nice! We know what Santa is bringing you this year!

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