tennis butt 05
tennis butt 05

Austrian Tennis Stud Dominic Thiem Wears Tight-Fitting Briefs and Here’s the Proof (Photos)

Tennis may lack the raw homoeroticism of wrestling and the near nudity of diving, but it has something in common with soccer: Its athletes often wear see-through shorts that reveal their briefs underneath. Take 23-year-old Austrian tennis player Dominic Thiem, for instance; he is currently ranked seventh in the world Association of Tennis Players (like you care), but more importantly, he wears white shorts that become translucent the sweatier he gets, eventually revealing his love of tight briefs.

The website Kenneth in the 212 has been closely observing Thiem’s butt for some time now and has posted photos of it at least three separate times. Perhaps Kenneth is a tennis fan, maybe he’s a briefs fetishist; either way, he has turned us into both.

Now let’s all take a second to enjoy Thiem’s hot man cakes, courtesy of Ken.

tennis butt 04

tennis butt gif

tennis butt

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