LGBTQ People Are Biggest Hate Crime Target, FBI Says Politics

LGBTQ People Are Biggest Hate Crime Target, FBI Says

Written by Matt Keeley on October 04, 2017
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With the Orlando shooting in the Pulse night club, terrorism toward the LGBTQ community took center stage. Unfortunately, the shooting wasn’t an isolated occurrence — a similar shooting just happened in Mexico where five people died. The FBI says that the queer community is the most common hate crime target in the United States. We take a look at the world of anti-queer terrorism from around the world.

  • A year after the UN Security Council held its first ever meeting to discuss violence against LGBTI people, a tragic attack on a US gay nightclub has prompted the Council to issue its first official statement specifically condemning violence that targets people due to their sexual orientation. In a show of “solidarity” to the LGBTI community, UN diplomats toured the US historic gay bar Stonewall Inn.
  • Leaders from around the world condemned the attack at a gay bar in Orlando, Florida—the worst mass shooting on US soil. At an event in Guyana Social Protection Minister Volda Lawrence remarked that the violence was intolerable and urged the elimination of ‘all aspects of radical and extreme behavior.’ President Jacob Zuma of South Africa condemned in ‘the strongest possible terms any violent attack targeted’ at the LGBTI community. And in New Zealand openly gay MP Kevin Hague addressed Parliament to emphatically ‘name this as an act of homophobic violence.’

  • In the US President Obama deemed the massacre an ‘act of terror and an act of hate,’ noting that ‘hatred towards people because of sexual orientation, regardless of where it comes from, is a betrayal of what’s best in us.’  US politicians were quick to offer prayers, though some were accused of ‘opportunistic turnaround’ for supporting anti-LGBT legislation

  • The Jerusalem District Court sentenced the man who attacked the 2015 Jerusalem Pride parade—murdering a 16 year old and injuring 6 others—to life in prison.

  • In the US, data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation shows that LGBT people are the most common target of hate crimes in the country. In Honduras, research from the Index on Censorship shows a spike in violence against LGBT people since President Manuel Zelaya was overthrown in 2009.
  • From Mexico reports emerged about a mass shooting at the gay bar La Madam at which five people were murdered and 14 injured.
  • Several local and national US businesses showed their support to the victims in Orlando, including Publix Super Markets, Target, and Disney who all lost employees in the attack. Disney donated $1 million and announced it would match all employee donations. And in the immediate aftermath, ride service Uber offered free rides in 40 cities to people headed to LGBTQ centers and select clubs.

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