Texas Might Name a Highway After an Anti-Gay Preacher

Texas Might Name a Highway After an Anti-Gay Preacher

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Right now, Texas is considering a bill to designate a portion of Dallas’ Interstate 20 as the “Apostle Lobias Murray Memorial Highway”. The only problem is that during Lobias Murray’s nearly half a century of working as a Texas religious leader, he preached about gays burning in hell and called gay sex “a low-down, filthy thing.” Ugh.

The bill’s author, Texas State Representative Yvonne Davis told the Austin American-Statesman that Muray helped provide for people in need; as far as his politics, well … :

“I think [anti-gay sentiment] was probably the sentiment that everybody articulated back then. Certainly one of the things he did enjoy was the notion that everybody should enjoy a quality of life, be treated fairly and not discriminated against.”

Davis didn’t mention whether Murray encouraged his congregants to embrace their “low-down, filthy” gay family members or to vote for Texas’ same-sex marriage ban in 2005.

Either way, Dallas doesn’t really need another road named after a bigot; it already has the George W. Bush Tollway.

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