Check Out 6 of Thailand’s Hottest #HornetGuys

Check Out 6 of Thailand’s Hottest #HornetGuys

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Every day, Hornet gives away free premium membership for a year to some of its most loyal users, and as if that isn’t cool enough, #HornetGuys also appear on this very website. This time we’re taking a look at some of our sexy #HornetGuys in Thailand. Find all of these fine fellows are on Hornet, where you can hit them up.

If you want to be a #HornetGuy yourself and win a free premium membership, all you need to do is fill out this form.


Meet Kenz, a good looking fella from Bangkok. We know you’ll be impressed by his BIG beautiful arms … and you know what they say about big arms! Kenz is one of our #BlueRibbonBoys, which means he educates and empowers gay men around the globe in HIV matters.

He’s looking to find a friend, a partner or the perfect experience! Kenz would prefer to chat with a decent guy or with someone who has a nice face picture on Hornet — he is not really into talking with torsos. Kenz is a sweet but manly man who would love meet someone similar. Go ahead and get in touch with him and make your own great moments:


This#HornetGuy is a sweet, sexy 30-year-old, whose username is Thanasit, which means “Kiss Me.” That can only mean he’s very open to meet you and he’d love to know you better.

Thanasit says he can make you fall in love with his smile and his attitude, not just his body. Find him on Hornet and start a conversation:


This sexy #HornetGuy is every guy’s dream! He loves taking pictures in his hometown of Bangkok, and he also loves taking pictures of people minus their clothing.

Vachayu is also a #BlueRibbonBoy, which means that he cares about his sexual health and others’. He is very happy to meet you, so go say hi to this 27-year-old sexy Thai guy:


Aoffer is a 24-year-old architect living in Bangkok. (He can build anything he wants with those well-defined muscles!) He’s the best combination of muscles and brains, as he’s currently pursuing a master’s degree. He loves metropolitan art design, sports and healthy living.

You know he’s a kind person since he’s one of our #BlueRibbonBoys, building a better informed community when it comes to HIV. He’s looking for a tall, athletic guy who can share his interests. Aoffer speaks English and Thai, and you can talk with him here: or by searching for him on the app by his username, aoffer29.


Today’s #HornetGuy is Sand, and he was born in Manila, Philippines, but he lives in Bangkok. He’s a very sexy and athletic man. Sand works in marketing, and he’s also a freelance photographer and lifestyle blogger.

Sand loves to travel, and his lifestyle blog includes a travel guide to different cities. He’s easygoing and loves meeting new people and making new friends. He’s up for meeting friendly, well-educated people, so say “hi” to him on Hornet:


This 30-year-old guy is from Bangkok. He spends most of his time at the gym and enjoys sports and leading an active lifestyle, so make sure you can keep up!

He knows what he wants, and he wants someone who knows what they want, too. He loves using Hornet to find new guys around him. Be forward and start the conversation; reach out to him at

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