10 Sexy Pics from Skiinmode, the Thai Modeling Company That Combines Superheroes and Sexiness (NSFW)

10 Sexy Pics from Skiinmode, the Thai Modeling Company That Combines Superheroes and Sexiness (NSFW)

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Recently, a friend of ours turned us on to Skiinmode, a “portfolio service” from Bangkok, Thailand whose pictures of Asian men combine scintillating sexiness and superhero style. We’ve picked out ten of their sexiest shots so you can die of thirst alongside us.

As a portfolio service, Skiinmode takes professional pictures of male models that models can use to show off their chops. While most portfolio services will take standard fashion magazine shots, Skiinmode styles their men as distinctly Asian superheroes out of pop-culture series like Final FantasyPower Rangers and even Pokémon.

Part of the reason we love their shots so much (apart from the fact that they’re mega hot) is because they’re a recent example of photo projects that are reclaiming male Asian sexiness. As we’ve said before, American pop-culture has long depicted Asian men as under-sexed nerds, but projects like WolfeGuys’ black-and-white photos of Asian men, Teddy Tzeng’s “Candy Crush” series and Buzzfeed’s recreation of iconic underwear ads with normal bodied Asian men are opening eyes and minds to the Asian persuasion.

So let’s take a second to admire Skiinmode’s incredibly sexy photos below.

This handsome hunter has got us starving for the next Hunger Games.

These two men seem like they’ve got a pretty good shot (with each other).

Most Pokémon players don’t like Magikarps, but we’d certainly pull this one onboard.

And talking about Pokémon, we choose you, hunky Pikachu!

The two hunters put down their old bows and pick up some new beaus.

This Xué warrior is legendary indeed and could kill with looks alone!

This stealthy sword-fighter isn’t afraid to show his blade or backside.

A sexy model plays Roronoa Zoro, a pirate hunter from the anime One Piece.

The Red Power Ranger was really always our favorite.

You can check out more of Skiinmode’s photos on Facebook, Instagram and his very NSFW Tumblr.

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