The Boy Who Cried Fabulous

The Boy Who Cried Fabulous

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Lesléa Newman‘s book, The Boy Who Cried Fabulous has us crying out “why didn’t we think of this first?” today. The synopsis reads:

“Roger is a boy who simply can’t stop smelling the roses. Can you blame him? Through his eyes the world is a wonder not to be rushed by. But his parents have an entirely different view, and they expect Roger to see things the way they do. Paired with vibrant illustrations, this cheerful tale will have children rejoicing along with Roger at all the fabulous things that await him when he steps outside.”

Can I get a collective “AWWWWWWW”?

Thank you. Queerty is featuring a semi-regular column by Newman, the mother of a possibly gay, definitely fabulous son. You can check out her column, Raising My Rainbow, HERE.

The Boy Who Cried Fabulous is for sale on a variety of online retailers. Here’s an excerpt to sweeten the deal:

When Roger started out for school, His mother set a simple rule.

She said, ‘Now Roger, you go straight Straight to class and don’t be late.’

Roger tried hard to obey, He knew that he should not delay.

He shouldn’t wander or explore But then he came upon a store,

Its windows full of lovely clothes So colorful that Roger froze,

Then clapped his hands in fits of glee And shouted out in ecstasy:

“What a fabulous coat, is it silk or wool? What a fabulous bell, can I give it a pull? What a fabulous door, does it open wide? What a fabulous store, can I come inside?

Adorable! I mean, we totally know kids just like Roger. Heck, I’m sure we used to be Roger. It’s amazing to see children like this celebrated in such a…well, fabulous way!

What do you think of The Boy Who Cried Fabulous?

Via Queerty

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