The Fed Gov’t Recognizes Their Marriage, But South Dakota Is All, “Nuh uh!”

The Fed Gov’t Recognizes Their Marriage, But South Dakota Is All, “Nuh uh!”

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I know my calculus. It says U+Me=Us. And it also says the federal government trumps state governments. So why is South Dakota refusing to allow a married, lesbian woman to change her name when the federal government has already issued her a new social security card reflecting her married status and name?

A little thing called a constitutional amendment banning recognition of same-sex marriages performed in other states. These so-called “states rights” laws are popping up all over the country, and to be honest, all they are doing is succeeding in forcing the federal government to speed up it’s deployment of full marriage equality laws.

When a state like South Dakota refuses to consider a person’s social security card – pretty much the ace of spades in terms of identification – as valid I.D., the constitutional amendment prohibiting the state from recognizing that person’s marriage is seen for what it is – state sanctioned discrimination. Gay and lesbian couples are put through rings of fire in order to do something as simple as change their last name on their driver’s license – something an hour at the DMV accomplishes for heterosexual couples. With this instance in SD, we are looking the denial of rights outlined by the federal government right in the eye.

Argus Leader reports:

Amy Stabe of North Sioux City said she didn’t read the fine print before handing her Iowa marriage certificate to a department employee in Vermillion. “She basically threw the certificate back in my face like it was a piece of garbage and said ‘this is no good,’ ” Stabe said. “At first I thought she thought it was fraudulent.”

Stabe pressed her case, showing the employee a federally issued Social Security card with her new name on it. “She said, ‘that’s no good, either,’ ” Stabe said.

“I was shocked,” she said. “I wasn’t applying for benefits, I was just trying to get my name changed.”

Now, Stabe’s Social Security card and credit cards list her name as “Amy Stabe,” but her license still reads “Amy Muston.” Her mail is addressed to Amy Stabe, too.

She said she’s had difficulty applying for a car loan and has to bring extra identification when using her credit card. She’s also concerned about her ability to board a commercial flight with a license that doesn’t match her Social Security card.

Which brings us to the illegal – in any state – violation of equal protection laws. Also worth noting, it’s been suggested to Ms. Stabe that she would be better off leaving the state. Let’s go over that again, Gays and lesbians in South Dakota are being told to leave the state in order to be treated fairly. That pretty much sums it all up with a nice bow on top.

With states like South Dakota behaving like absolute bigots and brats, the federal government will have no choice but to protect it’s LGBT citizens since many states are persecuting the hell out of them. I promise ridiculous stories like this one are actually a good thing for gay rights.

Still, are you disappointed to see South Dakota treating it’s citizens in such an obnoxious manner?

Via Argus Leader

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