The GOP Concern Over “Religious Liberties” Is Bullshit

The GOP Concern Over “Religious Liberties” Is Bullshit

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“Talking about ‘religious liberty’ is rather easy. It elevates the false idea of a person from persecution because of their religious beliefs. It makes folks who discriminate in secular business dealings seem like they are being ‘persecuted’ for their religious beliefs, when in reality they are only being asked to treat all customers – whose taxes help with the safety and upkeep of their businesses – fairly…

In the ’70s, they said the children must be protected from “recruitment” since gays supposedly can’t reproduce.

In the ’80s, they exploited the ignorance regarding the AIDS crisis to make LGBTs seem like deserving pariahs.

In the ’90s. it was all about keeping us from receiving unfair ‘special rights.’

And in the early 2000’s, it was all about ‘protecting marriage.’

… ‘religious liberty’ is a new bit of paint on the same old engine of homophobia and fear.”

Alvin McEwen on how Republicans have abandoned “gay marriage” (having lost that battle) and started using “religious liberties” to justify social homo- and transphobia. Previously, McEwen also observed the Right no longer using using junk science and focusing on deceptive anecdotes to sway public opinion instead. Concurrently, many of the same right-wing anti-gay talking are now being used against transgender people to prevent them from using public restrooms. McEwen concludes his observations above wonder why LGBTQ people are letting the right “put a new bit of paint on the same old engine” of homophobia and fear”, saying that he wished folks would get as upset over this as they do over pop-culture non-troversies.

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