The Hawaiian Civil Unions Bill Is THIS CLOSE To Becoming Law

The Hawaiian Civil Unions Bill Is THIS CLOSE To Becoming Law

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You may want to think twice before booking that wedding and honeymoon in Vermont. The Hawaiian House of Representatives has approved the state’s civil unions bill by a vote of 31-19. Aloha! It now moves back to the state’s Senate, which already approved a similar bill, and is expected to pass it immediately.

The updated bill contains stipulations that tax laws for partnered gays would mirror those of their married peers, and that divorce and custody arrangements are to be handled via family court, also the same as married couples.

Once the Senate approves the bill, it lands on the Governor’s desk. Governor Neil Abercrombie has stated that he will sign the bill into law.

It’s not marriage, but it’s a helluva big lilly pad that’s designed to step us in the right direction. We’ll take it, but with a big rainbow asterisk and a footnote saying that civil unions do not provide identical rights to marriage. It’s absolutely imperative that we not settle for anything less than full marriage equality on state and federal levels in order to receive all of the benefits that marriage provides.

Are you excited to see Hawaii moving toward marriage equality?

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