The Man Burns In 38 Days!

The Man Burns In 38 Days!

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52,000 of the most beautiful people in the universe will descend upon the Black Rock Desert in less than a month to build Black Rock City, home of the Burning Man festival, from scratch.

What is it exactly? It’s hard to say. It’s a fully functioning city built from nothing in the absolute middle of nowhere with more generator power than the Las Vegas strip. It’s an exercise in radical self-expression, manners, and generosity. It’s hovercars, hot air balloons, space ships and firebreathing dragons. It’s a week-long pantsless dance party. It’s THE BEST. And it’s really freaking gay.

At 28, I’m already a grizzled six year veteran, and wish to impress upon everyone reading this that Burning Man is required life experience. For everybody. It is hands down the best thing I have ever done with my entire life. I met my husband and future baby mama there, I’ve fallen into deep pools of love with the gorgeous friends who have accompanied me, and I have been lucky enough to create several lifetimes full of incredible memories out on the playa.

Today is kind of a slow news day (Let’s be honest.), so I figured I would share two videos of the Burn from the world famous Scenic Boys, who I dragged kicking and screaming to BRC a few years ago, and who have since brought an exponentially growing number of amazing homos from all over the world with them on subsequent pilgrimages to the playa.

The videos are NSFW-ish, but only because they are full of rumps (like mine below). Enjoy!

This year has sold out in advance for the first time ever, but if you have ever even considered giving the Burn a shot, I implore you to make it a priority next year. I think I can safely speak for everyone who has ever experience Burning Man before when I tell you that we all desperately want you to experience this!

So from Kevin & Nick here at Unicorn Booty, Scenic Boys’ Dusty & Garet, and 50,000 of the most gorgeous best friends you never even knew you had – We’ll see you on the playa!

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