The Outstanding Moms Of Mexico: Fighting For Gay And Lesbian Kids

The Outstanding Moms Of Mexico: Fighting For Gay And Lesbian Kids

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(NOTE: To watch the video with English subtitles, click on the CC/subtitles button at the bottom of the video above)

The Mexican Supreme Court just ruled that the country’s bans on same-sex marriage are illegal. The ruling hasn’t legalized marriage equality nationwide — same-sex couples will have to file injunctions against a majority of the bans in 27 of Mexico’s 31 states before the Court will consider nationwide legalization — but it’s still an important move forward.

Although consensual homosexual sex is legal throughout Mexico, homophobic sentiment still runs deep: 67 percent of students polled in a 2012 survey reported experiencing homophobic discrimination in schools. During 2010 to 2013, one report cited more than 250 anti-LGBT hate crimes, crimes written off as “crimes of passion” that rarely received full investigations.

So it’s pretty cool that the website the gay Mexican website has teamed up with the video production company to present “Outstanding Moms,” a mini-documentary where Mexican mothers share their personal stories about their gay and lesbian children.

It’s not exactly the ‘It Gets Better’ project, but it’s a great step forward to help raise awareness about Mexican lesbian and gay kids, and to show other parents the emotions and challenges involved when your kids face societal discrimination.

[NOTE: An earlier version of this story was published on May 18, 2015. A new intro regarding Mexico’s same-sex marriage ruling was added for additional context.]

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