‘The Perfect Rep’ Gathers Gay New York for a Special Fitness Event (Photos)

‘The Perfect Rep’ Gathers Gay New York for a Special Fitness Event (Photos)

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On Jan. 7 at Lift Gym Chelsea, Hornet powered the extra-special fitness seminar “The Perfect Rep” in association with trainer Scott Sensenig. Despite the city’s snowy conditions, a group of guys made it out to warm-up with Sensenig and fellow trainer Sarah Currie.

Initially intended to be a live demonstration, the seminar actually turned out to be a workshop—or a “workout shop.” Each participant was able to get evaluated in dead-lifts, bench press, squats and pull ups. (Check out seven questions with Sensenig and more on “The Perfect Rep” here.)

Hornet—the world’s premier gay social network—hosted the event. Bringing people together online and in real life, the seminar was the first of many more events to come bringing gay men with similar interests together.

Take a look at some of our favorite photos from the event:


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