The Really, Really, Really Gay Unicorn Name Generator

The Really, Really, Really Gay Unicorn Name Generator

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You know that friend of yours who once said in high school that she liked penguins? And how that flippant remark led to the next eight years of her receiving penguin themed gifts marking all holidays and occasions? “Merry Christmas, I got you penguin salt and pepper shakers!” Poor girl.

Unicorn Booty is in many ways our penguin comment. We love our fans and families dearly, but if another person gives us a unicorn-scented candle or box of unicorn bandages for Christmas, we may scream. And for the love of all things sacred, please stop posting that picture of the porn star dressed as a pink and purple unicorn on our Facebook page. Yes, he’s got a rocking ass. We know. But if you scroll back a day or two, you’ll see that someone new posts it practically daily.

With that said, we usually go against type here at UB. But we just had to share this Unicorn Name Generator with you because, I mean, it’s a Unicorn Name Generator. Duh. All of our gorgeous readers are cordially invited to get your own unicorn name HERE and to share it below in the comments.

For the record, mine is Berry Dapple Reins. Swoon. What’s yours?

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