The Treasury Is Putting A Woman On The $10 Bill Next To Hamilton

The Treasury Is Putting A Woman On The $10 Bill Next To Hamilton

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Not too long ago, we told you about Women on 20s, the group trying to replace genocidal president Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with a woman. While Jackson still blemishes our $20s, the campaign did put the idea in the US Treasury’s figurative head for the already-scheduled redesign of the $10 bill.

The Treasury will choose the woman to appear on the bill in the coming months. Harriet Tubman, who won the Women On $20s poll, appears to be a frontrunner alongside candidates like Eleanor Roosevelt and Susan B. Anthony. The Treasury has set up a website and the hashtag #TheNew10 for suggestions as to who should get the slot.

Hamilton isn’t disappearing though. In what seems like an odd decision, Hamilton will still be part of the design, sharing space with the woman they choose. No word on whether or not Hamilton will be relegated to 22 percent of the bill to illustrate the 22 cents men make on every dollar compared to women, but hey, we can dream.

But check this: this won’t be the first time a woman has appeared on US paper currency. In the 1800s, Martha Washington appeared on the $1, and perhaps ironically considering who’s there now, the Indian heroine Pocahontas was on the $20 in 1865.

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While the Women on 20s campaign was as much about getting racist ol’ Andrew Jackson off the bill as getting a woman on, this is a step forward and hopefully opens the door for other similar redesigns. And maybe in the future, a woman will get a WHOLE bill to herself.

The new $10 bill will go into circulation in 2020, the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the vote. The $20 bill doesn’t have a redesign scheduled, so in the meantime, we can do homemade updates.

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