The Undies You Wear Tonight Will Predict All of 2016

The Undies You Wear Tonight Will Predict All of 2016

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It’s New Year’s Eve and you’ve probably got your plans figured out. Maybe you’re going to a house party. Maybe you’re spending $400 to eat at the Olive Garden in Times Square. Or maybe you’re staying home to catch up on Netflix! But whatever you do, pre-plan your underwear, because its the color might hold the key to your entire 2016!

The Underwear Expert compiled a colorful list explaining which colors bode well and ill for 2016. Turns out that South American cultures wear underwear as a way to bring luck: Bolivians wear theirs backwards for good luck, while Peruvians wear their underwear inside-out until midnight and then switch it around in the New Year. This might sound like an excuse to drop trou at midnight and if it is, that’s fine too!

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In Puerto Rico, white underwear means that the new year will be one filled with fertility and good health.

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In Latin American countries like Colombia, Ecuador and Chile, yellow underwear means a year full of happiness and good fortune.

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Brazilians believe in dressing for success with orange undies, preferably beneath an all-white outfit.

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Red is a very popular New Year’s underwear color. In Spain, it’s seen as a symbol of life during the cold winter months. In Italy, it’s a sign of good cheer, especially if they were a gift. And in China, red underwear fights off bad luck.

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In Argentina, wearing pink underwear as the ball drops will ensure a good love life in the following year.

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In Peru, yellow underwear is worn as it is in most of Latin America. But green underwear is also considered sign of positive energy.

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In Portugal, blue underwear signals a year of tranquility. If you want 2016 to be calmer than 2015, blue might be the color for you.

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Black underwear is to be avoided at all costs. It’s seen as a bad sign in many cultures.

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