The Unicorn Booty Guide To Hot International Gymnasts

The Unicorn Booty Guide To Hot International Gymnasts

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So now that you’re acquainted with the US men’s gymnastics team, it’s time to take a look at some other awesomely attractive gymnasts. We’ve scoured the globe to come up with the hottest gymnasts of the past thirty years, both male and female.

But first, why are gymnasts so hot? Maybe it’s because, pound for pound, they are the strongest athletes in the world. The men are basically just walking bicep, pectoral, and ab muscles, and even the women are aerial acrobats, kicking ass while gliding through space.

Plus, they’re ridiculously toned, with only about 3 to 5 percent body fat. And we all know that they’re extremely flexible — yow!

But perhaps the sexiest thing about gymnasts is their spirit and drive. Unlike football or basketball players who can return each year for another shot at glory, gymnasts are only ever on our minds during the Olympics. And since the Summer Olympics are only every four years, a gymnast’s window of opportunity is limited, making every meet extremely important. For gymnasts, it’s do or die — there might never be a second chance.

This is especially true for female gymnasts, as they tend to peak as teenagers (female Olympic gymnastic champions have been as young as 14). Because of this, our lawyers have advised us to only include women who had long, distinguished careers beyond the age of 18 for this article. So while we had to cut out a ton of cuties (sorry, Dominique Moceanu), it means our readers won’t have to feel like perverts while admiring these athletes.

So, with all that to consider, let us present more sexy gymnasts to help get you in the mood for the Olympics!

Boginskaya, performing a perfect split leap

Certified hottie, Boginskaya, relaxing at the gym

Svetlana Boginskaya (Soviet Union/Belarus)

Boginskaya’s unusually tall (for a female gymnast, at least) 5′2 frame and clean, elegant lines earned her the nickname, “The Goddess of Gymnastics.” The Belarussian beauty won the vault at the 1988 Olympics, and managed to make two more Olympic teams. By the time she competed in 1996, at 23, she was a woman in a world of girls, and her grace, exotic style, and balletic artistry made her a sentimental favorite.

Boy, a perfect 10!

So that’s how they train in Germany…

Philipp Boy (Germany)

Belying his surname, Philipp Boy is a sexy and talented man, winning back-to-back silver medals in the all-around at the 2010 and 2011 World Championships. His sexy smile, perfect hair, and Ewan-McGregor-good-looks made him an early favorite for the London Olympics. Unfortunately, a fall on the vault in the preliminary round injured him, and he missed out on any of the individual finals; he retired shortly thereafter. While he might not have brought home any hardware from London, Boy is still a 10.0 in our book!

Awesome Dawesome

Competing on the balance beam at the 1996 Olympics

Dominique Dawes (USA)

While she never scaled the same heights as fellow American, Shannon Miller, “Awesome Dawesome” made a name for herself with her explosive, dynamic power. Her back-to-back tumbling runs on floor exercise wowed audiences, as did her sky-high release moves on the uneven bars. Inconsistency robbed her of many international medals, including the 1996 Olympic all-around title. However, she made her mark on the world of R&B and hip-hop: both Prince and Missy Elliott invited her to appear in music videos, and she’s also name-checked in a remix of Janelle Monae’s “Tightrope.”


Hak-seon competing on his specialty, the vault

Pumped after a great landing!

Yang Hak-seon (South Korea)

This spiky-haired Korean is nicknamed “The God of Vault,” after winning two consecutive World Championships and the 2012 Olympic title on the event. He even has a vault named after him: a front handspring into three full twists, in a layout position! Bonus: as a vaulting specialist, we almost always get to see him in short shorts!


Mustafina, striking a pose on floor exercise

Winning an Olympic gold medal, on the uneven bars

Aliya Mustafina (Russia)

This temperamental beauty was the all-around World Champion in 2010, before winning four medals (including a gold, on her specialty, the uneven bars) at the 2012 Olympics. But when things aren’t going her way, this Matryoshka doll can be too much even for her own coach to handle. Her intense focus and determination have earned her the distinction of being a “diva,” but her classic Russian good looks and her history of success afford her the right to be the baddest babe on the block.


Nemov, on the rings

Having to quiet the crowd after his scandalously low score on high bar, at the 2004 Olympics

Alexei Nemov (Russia)

“Sexy Alexei” was one of the best and the hottest gymnasts of the ‘90s and early ’00s; his elegance, power, and exquisite form made him a perfect gymnast. Inconsistency plagued his career, but he always hit at the big meets, winning twelve medals (including the 2000 Olympic all-around title) across two Olympics. And while no medals were forthcoming in his third Olympics, in 2004, a judging controversy surrounding his high bar score resulted in over fifteen minutes of booing from the crowd; the entire gymnastics scoring system was eventually overhauled a few years later, partly because of this incident.


Nguyen, setting to mount the parallel bars

Those abs, that tattoo, that perfect hair…

Marcel Nguyen (Germany)

Was is it about Germany and outrageously good-looking male gymnasts? Aside from the aforementioned Philipp Boy, Germany is also home to the sexy and talented Marcel Nguyen. Besides being a fusion of European and Asian cultures (his mother is German; his father, Vietnamese), he’s an exceptional gymnast, winning silver medals in the all-around and the parallel bars at the 2012 Olympics. If being an Olympic medalist wasn’t enough, he keeps his body fit as part of his training in the German army.


A gold medal in hotness!

Whitlock, in a Paul Smith ad

Max Whitlock (Great Britain)

Whitlock is part of a rising contingent of a long-dormant British team. He and his teammates won a bronze in the team competition in front of a hometown crowd at the London Olympics, the first British team medal in 100 years. Since then, Whitlock has been a standout star, winning four silvers at the 2014 World Championships, including one in the all-around. He then won a gold medal on his specialty, the pommel horse, at the 2015 World Championships, making him the first male British gold medalist in World Championship history. If his success wasn’t sexy enough, his boy-next-door good looks have even landed “Mighty Max” an ad campaign with British designer, Paul Smith.


Wilson, chalking up before an event

Wilson, holding an L-press, on parallel bars

Blaine Wilson (USA)

In the late ‘90s, there was no American gymnast better than Blaine Wilson. He won five consecutive national titles between 1996-2000, and took part in three Olympic teams, finally winning a team silver, in 2004. He also lost out on an all-around bronze medal at the 1999 World Championships by a frustrating .001 points (the smallest margin in gymnastics history). But what Wilson lacked in medals, he made up for in attitude: he was the sexy James Dean of USA men’s gymnastics, with tattoos, a tongue ring, and a motorcycle to complete the look.


Xiaopeng, on his way to a gold medal on parallel bars, at the 2008 Olympics


Xiaopeng and his perfect hair!

Li Xiaopeng (China)

In a sport where careers usually last just a few years, Xiaopeng dominated on his specialties, the vault and the parallel bars, for over a decade, winning five World Championship titles. He was also the Olympic champion on parallel bars at both the 2000 and the 2008 Olympics. As if his unparalleled success wasn’t enticing enough, he also filmed an adorable wedding music video for his wife, fellow gymnast, Angel Li, in 2010 (above).


The Flying Dutchman, above the high bar

Zonderland, showing off his ridiculously good-looking body — his body is a wonderland!

Epke Zonderland (Netherlands)

“The Flying Dutchman” is best known for his high-flying skills on the high bar, where he has won two World Championships and one Olympic title. His unruly hair is endearingly messy, and his body is a work of art. And there’s also the matter of that nude photo shoot he did…


Romas, the all-time SEXIEST gymnast from Puerto Rico!

Romanian beauty, Ponor, has won three Olympic gold medals

Sexy gymnastics royalty

BONUS! Tommy Ramos (Puerto Rico) and Catalina Ponor (Romania)

What’s hotter than one sexy gymnast? How about two sexy gymnasts? Ramos and Ponor were already two of the hottest gymnasts in the world, but when they started long-distance dating in 2012, they became the gymnastics equivalent of Posh and Becks. Ramos’ sexy five o’clock shadow and perfect hair make him a dreamy beefcake, especially when he’s flexing his muscles on his specialty, the rings. But it’s the refined beauty of Catalina Ponor that has brought home the most Olympics medals, including three golds at the 2004 Games.

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