The Video Game ‘Overwatch’ Just Outed its Most Popular Character

The Video Game ‘Overwatch’ Just Outed its Most Popular Character

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Ever since its release in May 2016, players have praised Overwatch —Blizzard’s massively popular team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game — for its unique playable characters. Their line-up doesn’t feature much racial, body or age diversity (yet), but they did just out one of their most popular characters, a time-leaping pilot called Tracer, as lesbian. In Blizzard’s official Overwatch comic book (number 10 of the series), they revealed that Tracer has a girlfriend named Emily.

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Bleeding Cool points out that Tracer appears so often on Overwatch promotional materials that she’s largely the face of the game. They also mention that at Blizzard’s Blizzcon convention this year, Overwatch‘s developers claimed the game has more than one LGBTQ hero. Considering the game has over 20 million players, Tracer and her yet-to-be-out counterparts will bring LGBTQ characters into more homes than even some popular TV shows and films.

Although you can read the entire comic online for free, you can check out the outing pages from the Overwatch Comic, “Tracer: Reflections”, below. As a preface you should know that Tracer went out to get Emily a Christmas gift, but she didn’t get to the gift shop in time because she stopped a thief from stealing presents from an innocent person instead. As a thank you, the person gave Tracer one of their gifts… :

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