Conservative Crazies Lash Out at ‘The Voice’ After Drag Queens Performed on Its Season Finale

Conservative Crazies Lash Out at ‘The Voice’ After Drag Queens Performed on Its Season Finale

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We reported yesterday that on The Voice season finale Tuesday night, a former contestant returned to perform in drag with Jessie J and a fierce group of back-up live-singing queens. While some people, including us, loved the inclusion, many of the singing competition’s viewers were pissed. These conservative crazies took to Twitter and threatened to boycott the show.

One Twitter user wrote: “#thevoice you just lost a loyal viewer with your show. I don’t need to see drag performers on what used to be a family show. You have so many other directions for performers that could have been highlighted. #iamdonewatching.”

Another added: “What’s the deal with The Voice and the drag queens? Fans are gonna stop watching if this stuff continues.”

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Tweeting to The Voice judge and country singer Blake Shelton, one viewer said: “#TheVoice last night was horrible! I can’t believe USA has let drag queens perform! Blake, The Voice has gone to hell.”

Another user wrote: “Love #TheVoice but decided to draw the line! NO to drag queens, period! Won’t know who winner is but this is too much. Was recording but no more. I feel GOD will not be happy about drag queens being glorified. If U don’t like it, DEAL!”

One was just confused. “What does drag queens on The Voice mean? Done watching… Totally disgusting.”

Another tweet read: “That drag thing on #TheVoice was disgusting. Thank god my kids weren’t up for that crap. Thought this was a family show.”

One user claimed he felt “dirty” after watching the performance, tweeting: “Anybody else watching #TheVoice out there feel kind of dirty right now? Like you need to take a shower or something? #BangBang #drag”.

Maybe you feel dirty because you’re tweeting out homophobic and ignorant bullshit. Clean yourself up and relive the fierce performance from Tuesday night.

You can watch the performance on The Voice season finale here:

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