The Web’s Best April Fool’s Pranks

The Web’s Best April Fool’s Pranks

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Gay blog: It's April Fool's Day today!

UPDATE: Check out the Hoffington Post, dedicated to the Hoffmeister himself!

It’s that time of year again, and as usual, the Web hosts some pretty elaborate April Fool’s Day pranks. April Fool’s pranks have been going on for centuries, and they are of dubious origin. One of the earliest mentions is in 1509, when a French poet wrote about a poisson d’avril, or an “April fish.” It’s unclear what he meant by it, but certainly it had something to do with hiding a fish under someone’s frock!

Regardless of where it came from, it is one of the most cherished – or hated – dates in the world. We love it because it gives people an opportunity to focus their creative energies on something fun. Making people laugh is underrated in a world beleaguered with bad news, so here is our recap of the best of today’s April Fool’s pranks!

We will be updated this post throughout the day, so if you find something LOLZ send it to us!

Google’s Latest Ads: Blimp Ads!

Google has launched their latest ad product today, Blimp Ads. Blimps Ads promise to get your message to the people who need to see it most – those stuck in one place who cannot escape! Based off of their popular AdSense format, the fleet of gBlimps will be deployed to large events, where advertisers will see their AdSense ads write large.

And don’t worry, consumers! The boring-yet-familiar layout of current AdSense ads will not be replaced! You will still be able to get only the most relevant ads targeted to your specific search needs. Aspiring yodeler Han X. says, “I was trying to watch a solar eclipse when a blimp ad blocked my view…and that’s how I signed up for my first yodeling lesson.”

Child Free Flights From Ryanair

Annoyed by that screaming little crap-moster in 3D? Hate other people’s kids? Wonder why you are forced to suffer for 6 hours just because fresh-faced-baby needs to go visit grandma but can’t even stop crying for just one minute? Well thankfully, budget airline Ryanair is stepping up to the plate and offering child free flights! Starting on October 2011, certain flights will be child-free!

After surveying some 1,000 travelers, the airline found that most fliers don’t like children – because 50% of parents expect special treatment just because they have kids! Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara noted:

When it comes to children we all love our own but would clearly prefer to avoid other people’s little monsters when travelling. While half our passengers would like us to divide our cabins up into ‘adult’ and ‘family’ areas it is not operationally possible due to our free seating policy, with optional priority boarding. However, with clear demand for ‘child free’ flights Ryanair will introduce child free flights on high frequency routes from the start of our winter schedule in October.

Top 5 Viral Videos of 1911!

YouTube digs deep into their archive to bring us these fantastic viral hits from 1911:

Nerds Fight Back With Angry Nerds for iPad!

These angry birds have nothing on the angry nerds that are taking over an iPad near you. No longer will we be made fun of for our sexy geekiness!

Deals For Hipsters

The continued expansion of daily deals sites has brought on one for that coveted demographic, hipsters. Deals for Hipsters promises to only bring the more ironic deals to the masses, ensuring that they remain hip and defiant well into their children’s teenage years!

Hulu Goes 90s!

Just when you thought the 90s were dead, and that we moved beyond underlined hyperlinks and grainy images…think again, because Hulu is all 90s today!

Google’s Latest Gmail Feature: Gmail Motion

Wikipedia Hearts “Fanny Scratching”

Surely in honor of the Unicorn Booty team, Wikipedia has made their informative post on fanny scratching the featured post of the day. Did you know that 18th century London’s Cock Lane was the epicenter of all things fanny scratching? There were so many people scratching that it often blocked the lanes all day  long!


Last year it was Bieber or Die, this year it’s Rebecca Black or Die! Ahhhhhahahahahahahah! This one is probably the best one that we have seen for along time. Because, you know, it’s FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY! And check out the URL bar, the lyrics of the song cleverly scroll through. Yes!

And the letter from her mom is priceless!

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