These Steampunk Animals Will Melt Your Heart And Haunt Your Dreams

These Steampunk Animals Will Melt Your Heart And Haunt Your Dreams

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“In this age of global computerization and high technology,” says artist Igor Vernly, “there are fans of the old school stuff. These are people who are nostalgic for the rusty metal, gears, and the smell of motor oil, old ideas of science-fiction films such as Star Wars and Robocop.”

That’s why Vernly creates robots from old pieces of cars, clocks, typewriters, broken machines, and dining ware — they’re a reminder of the animals quickly vanishing from our landscape and the junk that’s taking their place. His steampunk aesthetic combines the Victorian Age’s fascination with evolution and machinery and imagines a future where robotic bugs and wind-up animals roam the junkyards, an idea that is both beautiful and terrifying.






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